October 4, 2023

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Promoting Panathinaikos through the rules of football

Promoting Panathinaikos through the rules of football

From the summer of 2021 to the summer of 2023, Ivan Jovanovic, who respects the rules of football, impressively upgraded the emotional potential of Panathinaikos, constantly showing the team’s development and progress.

The process began in the summer of 2021 in Panathinaikos led by Ivan Jovanovic It is sustainable and shows continuous progress. Two years ago, the Serbian coach began his project to revive football Mr. TrefilioComparing ‘then’ with ‘today’ one can see the impressive upgrade in the club’s roster. A promotion made with respect to the rules of football, with continuity, cohesion and chemistry at the forefront, while following the steps with religious reverence and not turning into… madmen of the past with dozens of transfers in one season, moves that led nowhere.

Jovanovic turned a deaf ear that first summer as the image of a team in one season with incompatible coaches became a distorting mirror for many players of that very unsuccessful season.

The experienced coach saw things clearly, assessed and supported them, recruited those who could cope, made targeted reinforcement selections and reached the requirements for that season. The world returns to the field and wins the cup.

From then on, everything went his way. the Trilobites He won the tournament and lost it in detail, and this year he returned to the Europa League group, approaching absolute supremacy in the Champions League, after knocking out Marseille and Dnipro.

During these two years, Panathinaikos has changed for the better through the work of the coach but also through the gradual and rational rise of the roster in the football environment (world and press), which considers transfers to be the panacea for every football “illness”. .

If we look at the 2021 roster and this year, we will see the big qualitative shift for Panathinaikos, creating “depth” with valuable options. An upgrade that also came through an evolution of what happened in previous years.

Like Aitor, like Brignoli, like Vagiannidis and of course like Ioannidis, players who in the hands of the coaching staff have become better through overall improvement.

In almost every position on the pitch, the comparison proves true, as Panathinaikos is steadily climbing the football ladder and currently has a complete roster, which as always, gradually and guided by football logic, will get better in the coming years.

Details of Triphyllio’s listings over the past two years:


Goalkeepers: Brignoli, Diodice, Xenopoulos
Left-back: Juancar, Hatzithodoridis
Right-back: Kotsiras, Fakudo
Goalkeepers: Shinkeveld, Vilith, Sarliya, Bongora
Midfielders: Robben, Corbeles, Alexandropoulos, Mauricio, Gatsinovic, Ayoub, Lundqvist, Villavanes.
Wing: Palacios, Aitor, Hatzigiovannis, Vital, Beck
L: Makinda, Carlitos, Ioannidis


Goalkeepers: Brignoli, Ludingen, Xenopoulos
Left-back: Huancar, Buhač, Jania
Right-back: Kotsiras, Fakoundos, Vagiannidis
Goalkeepers: Shinkeveld, Magnusson, Sarlija, Bogoras
Midfielders: Robben, Corbeles, Cerin, Bernard, Tsukai, Troelli, Kleinheisler.
Winger: Palacios, Aitor, Mancini, Verbeek
By: Sporar, Ioannidis


Goalkeepers: Brignoli, Ludingen, Xenopoulos
Left-back: Huancar, Mladenovic
Right-back: Vagianidis, Kotsiras
Goalkeepers: Sinkefield, Magnusson, Jedfay, Palmer
Midfielders: Robben, Vilina, Aarau, Cerin, Jurisic, Bernard, Kleinheisler, Zika, Chukai.
Winger: Aitor, Palacios, Mancini, Verbeek
L: Sporar, Ioannidis, Jeremijev