February 20, 2024

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Provocative Marinakis: “Leftists always invest in provocation”

Provocative Marinakis: “Leftists always invest in provocation”

The Government representative did… opposition to the opposition

“We live in a country where the left always invests in provocation. Don't make fun of us,” government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis told ERT without hesitation.

Regarding the bill to set up private universities, Pavlos Marinakis said, “In a few days it will come to public consultation, and in a few weeks it will become a government law.”

At the same time – against the university community and students – the bill “strengthens” the public university and grants 1 billion euros of funding to the country's HEIs, but without mentioning the published studies of the speaking foundations. Low funding of HEIs compared to 2009.

For example, the NTU In 2009 the grant declared 19.68 million euros: ie. 63.6% decrease than the one offered this year. In these 15 years, the number of teachers has decreased by 36%, other staff by 1.6%, and on the contrary, the number of students has decreased. increased by 20.7%.

“Either you are finally in favor or you continue the tradition of the gap between the left and center-left, which makes the issue of higher education in our country a sad story,” continued Pavlos Marinakis.

“Squatting is illegal”

Referring to the student protests, which continue for the fifth week, P. Marinakis reiterated that “squatting is an illegal act. Period, hyphen, paragraph”, maintaining the government's hardline attitude in the face of the student movement.

Then the government representative… objected to the opposition and said, “We have an opposition that does not listen and does not form a proper opposition. Of course, everyone is judged. It is their right to form the opposition they want.

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“What have we been asking for all these years? That our political opponents are socially conscious. What were these socially conscious people doing? “Sit-in protest, procession without demands,” he continued, completely disparaging the opposition parties and the student movement.

Its purpose is to amend Section 16

Pavlos Marinakis reiterated the government's plans and spoke directly about the amendment of Article 16. “Proposed articles for amendment will be made when the time comes for the discussion of this Parliament, in 2025. Obviously, the articles to be amended by our section will be Article 16, which means that we are legislating non-governmental affiliations of a non-profit nature, does not mean that we will not seek to amend Article 16 as well. “Because if the bill to establish branches in our country, through the amendment of Article 16, it would be possible to establish a non-government university in our country with very strict criteria,” he argued.