February 22, 2024

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PS5 is the king of the generation – we've learned how far behind Xbox sales are

PS5 is the king of the generation – we've learned how far behind Xbox sales are

If we exclude the Nintendo Switch, which made history as one of the most successful consoles of all time with sales of 139 million, The PS5 is by far the “king.” 9Ha generation home game consoles, In terms of sales.

Moving on to the details, brand new details have emerged about the PS5 and Xbox Series It is one of the biggest publishing companies in the industry, as it is behind franchises like Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K, Read Dead, Borderlands, etc.

More specifically, in a presentation related to its investors, Take-Two revealed that according to its own data, PS5 and Xbox Series. Take-Two relies on sources such as market research firms IDG Consulting and Newzoo, as well as the industry association itself, the Entertainment Software Association, to get that number.

Of course, since Microsoft doesn't reveal official sales figures for Xbox consoles since the Xbox One era, we can use official PS5 sales to draw conclusions. On December 9, Sony announced that the PS5 had surpassed the huge milestone of 50 million sold.

Even if we assume that the PS5 did not sell any other consoles in December, which is unlikely, given that sales before the Christmas holiday are higher than at any other time, The PS5 has a roughly 2-to-1 lead in the generation so far. the Xbox Series And Xbox Series S Sold Fewer than 27 million consoles by December 31, 2023while The PS5 has surpassed 50 million since the beginning of the same month.

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As it turns out, while sales of new Xbox consoles got off to a satisfactory start at the beginning of the generation, they have now faltered forever. According to a different analysis by Ampere Analysis, PS5 sales were 3 times better than Xbox sales in 2023, which means the gap between the two ecosystems is widening.

For the record, the disappointing performance of Xbox in the console race has sparked rumors that Microsoft is preparing to pursue a new multi-platform strategy, leaving exclusives in the past. The American company officially applied, confirming that it intends to open its papers next week.