May 22, 2024

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PS5 Pro: Sony practically confirmed this! – News

PS5 Pro: Sony practically confirmed this!  – News

Last month, a major leak of its technical specifications caught the attention of the gaming world PS5 Pro. In particular, it all started when the “Moore's Law is Dead” channel on YouTube published a video containing information from confidential Sony documents. In the wake of this revelation, journalists and other media outlets came to fill in the mystery, publishing the information they knew.

However, as with any leak, we cannot be completely sure whether the information corresponds to reality. But now, Sony has just made a move that will convince even the most cautious. Company Download Moore's Law Dead video from YouTubeWhich practically confirms that the documents were indeed real and contained information that public opinion was not supposed to see.

It was The Verge reporter Tom Warren who noticed the video's removal, and YouTube now writes:

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim from Sony Interactive Entertainment.”

For his part, the YouTube user has not yet commented on the removal of the video, nor has he shared any information about Sony's request to remove it from his channel.

For your information, the PS5 Pro specifications are as follows according to the leaks:

PlayStation 5 Pro specifications:

the memory From PS5 Pro:

PS5 Pro She will have a memory Bandwidth 576 GB/s (18 GT/s) – This is a 28% increase compared to the simple PS5

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The regular PS5 has a memory bandwidth of 448 GB/s (14 GB/s)

Η CPU Of note5 pro:

It will be the PS5 Pro CPU Same as in simple PS5. However, the Pro Controller will have a “high CPU repetition situationWhich will increase the operating frequency of the processor to 3.85 GHz. This is a 10% increase over the current console.

However, it should be noted that in High CPU Frequency mode, the power will be distributed from the GPU to the CPU and thus a 1.5% GPU overclocking will be required.

Sound in PS5 pro:

The PS5 Pro will have ACV operating at a higher frequency, resulting in 35% better performance.

This means it will be able to handle more FFT or IFFT transforms, as well as “convolution frequencies.”

Graphics processing unit Of note5 pro:

It will be PS5 Pro 45% faster rendering Of note5.

It will have a PS5 Pro 2X With 3X Better beam-Tracing performance (Up to 4X in many cases).

It will have a PS5 Pro 33.5 flops Processing power of the graphics processing unit.

The PS5 Pro will get… New special PSSR technology for upgrading/polishing (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling).

It will have a PS5 Pro Private machine learning building.

It will have a PS5 Pro Built-in AI accelerator With force 67 flop For 16-bit floating point arithmetic.

The PS5 Pro will get support for up to 8K Analytics With future SDK upgrades.

Its price and PS version5 pro:

According to the report, Sony wants to manufacture a PS5 Pro As competitive as possible. That's why it will be used The same removable drive With the last PS5 Slim and he will have it 1 TB Storage space.

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The PS5 Pro is expected to be released in Fall 2024.