June 25, 2024

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PS5 Slim: A new rumor has sparked, but it’s not what it seems

PS5 Slim: A new rumor has sparked, but it’s not what it seems

In the past few hours, a rumor has spread on the Internet that Playstation 5 slim Just around the corner, as it appears to have been added to the website of an Australian megastore.

Digging into the details, some noted social media users discovered that the Good Guys supermarket chain had added a post that read:

The thinnest and thinnest PlayStation 5 – Incredibly vibrant colors with stunning HDR imaging and immersion – whether you’re playing games or streaming movies and TV shows.

Obviously, this discovery immediately sparked speculation, since the Good Guys electronics chain is huge, with over 100 stores and 3,500 employees, so it’s likely to be in a position to get a tip if Sony is indeed preparing for the launch. Of course, there have long been rumors that the company is working on an updated version of the base PS5 model, without upgrading the technical specifications, which will, however, have a removable disc reader. It appears that the new PS5 will be released later in 2023, and Sony aims to reduce manufacturing and shipping costs for the existing PS5 (both physical and digital), which will stop selling after this new model becomes available.

However, the entry above is not what it seems. As a Twitter user named Okami Games points out, this page has been around since 2021 on the online store and was originally about the PlayStation 4 Slim. However, for some reason, the PS4 was ported to the PS5, causing an uproar, for no real reason as it turns out.

Therefore, a little more patience will be required until we finally find out what Sony is preparing, which seems to have the PS5 Pro in the works.

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