July 22, 2024

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PS5 Slim release date leaked

PS5 Slim release date leaked

After the surprise reveal of the renovation and redesign PlayStation 5 This is something Sony hesitates to say officially.Moderate build“, We have information on exactly when the console will arrive in stores.

According to the leaker and reliable dataminer Create the invoice Sony will launch the PS5 Slim on… November 8 For the US market only at the moment. Of course, the data leaked by Billbill-kun also points to another release date for the PS5 Slim November 10. Now it remains to be seen which date is valid, and Sony may be gearing up for more announcements soon.

It should be noted that the new models are practically thinner and smaller than the original PS5. Specifically, mr The overall size of the console has been reduced by more than 30%, with weight reduced by up to 25%. This time, the digital edition of the pS5 Slim can be upgraded with a separate Blu-ray drive for those who want it, which will cost a lot more. €119.99 in Europe.

It’s worth noting that there are two more significant changes that the new PS5’s SSD will now have 1 TB capacityWhile there are now two USB-C ports on the front.

Prices of the new PS5 slim models in Europe:

PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray drive – 549.99 euros

The digital version of PS5 – 449.99 euros

Finally, one will come to market New stand for all PS5 modelswhich will be sold for €29.99, with a shiny circular design.

Unfortunately, there is still no information about when the two new models of PlayStation 5 will be released in Europe and Greece, except that they will be gradually available around the world.

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