May 21, 2024

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Psycho: The audience was fascinated by the rape scene of Froso

Psycho: The audience was fascinated by the rape scene of Froso

turn Ants1 the Psychological girls It managed to become one of the first trends on Twitter. Both the script and the actors' performances captured the attention of television audiences.

In today's episode, one of the scenes that was commented on was the shocking moment of the brutality rape From Phrosus. Outside Tripoli, Froso, with the Pope's blessing, accepts a visit from the Nazis in her room. She soon realizes that the man of the house is nothing more than a rapist.

Tweets poured in about this violent scene in the series, while the spotlight did not escape the Nazi's wife, who knew about this heinous act and did nothing.

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Interpretation of it Louisides people She was captivating and many admired her acting skills.

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In the scene we see Froso disintegrating under water as she tries to wash off her rapist's filth.

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