May 28, 2024

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Putin reopens humanitarian corridors from 6 Ukrainian cities to Russia and Belarus

Putin reopens humanitarian corridors from 6 Ukrainian cities to Russia and Belarus

The Russian government has declared a temporary ceasefire and opened humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to leave the capital. KievAnd cities like Chernikov, Kharkov, Mariupol and Sumi. He never kept his word and, moreover, those exit routes were imposed to Russian and Belarusian territory.

“From 8:00 (Spanish time), Russia is ready to declare and establish a peaceful regime. Humanitarian corridors2, the National Security Control Center pointed out.

Vladimir Putin has once again challenged the Ukrainian government. Humanitarian footpath from Kiev and its environs to the Russian border via Belarus, which was already rejected last Monday. Volodymyr Zhelensky For “absurd”.

The Russian organization has stated that the humanitarian corridor of Chernikov When going to the territory of Belarus சுமி There will be two tracks, one for Russia and one for Boltava. In the case KharkivThere will be open routes to Russia and Lviv Like Mariupol It will be implemented wherever it goes to Russia and Saboria.

In this regard, he added that a communication channel will be established with Ukraine to exchange information on the eviction of citizens. 173,000 people have been evicted From eastern Ukraine to Russia.

Russia has been able to evacuate 173,773 people from areas of military space operations without Ukraine’s involvement. Donetsk and Lukansk People’s Republics To Russian territory, including 44,187 children, “the agency said in a statement.

Finally, he stressed that “despite Ukraine’s irresponsible attitude towards the lives and health of civilians, including foreigners, Russia is ready to take humanitarian action.” Evict the public They need to create decent conditions to give shelter to all refugees in Russia, from all places where they face a humanitarian catastrophe.

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