April 19, 2024

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Putin threatens nuclear war against the West if NATO sends forces to Ukraine

Putin threatens nuclear war against the West if NATO sends forces to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin said that NATO countries risk a nuclear conflict if they send troops to Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin continued his threats to the West by sending a message to NATO countries that their actions threaten nuclear conflict if they send troops into Ukraine. He also stressed that Western threats pose a “real” threat of nuclear war. “We also have weapons that can strike your territory,” he stressed.

At 12:13 local time (11:13 Greek time) Russian President Vladimir Putin began his annual State of the Nation address in Moscow, more than two years after his attack on Ukraine.

It is mainly expected to be Vladimir Putin Provide an outline of Russian policy strategy For the next few years, about two weeks before the presidential election where he is widely expected to be re-elected, he will remain in the Kremlin until 2030.

Russia will not allow anyone to interfere in its internal affairsThe Russian President said in his speech before the Russian Parliament.

Putin repeated the accusation that the West is trying to destroy Russia from within, adding that most citizens support his decision to send tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine. In what Moscow calls a “special military operation.”

The Russian President said that Moscow is ready for dialogue with the United States regarding strategic stability, but he rejected any attempts to force Russia to enter into talks.

Putin also said that Russia has deployed advanced weapons systems, including the Zircon hypersonic missiles, and that it has the military advantage in Ukraine.

The Russian president has warned NATO countries that they risk nuclear conflict if they send troops into Ukraine. Adding that Russia must strengthen its Western military sector after Finland and Sweden join NATO. He said that anyone who tried to invade Russia would face harsher consequences than in World War II Because the country now possesses weapons that can strike targets on enemy territory.

The United States and key European allies said this week they had no plans to send ground troops to Ukraine after France hinted at the possibility.

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