February 27, 2024

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Ralph Fiennes “escalates” the mansion scene as an attractive urban planner

Ralph Fiennes “escalates” the mansion scene as an attractive urban planner

the Ralph Fiennes Takes the stage again at the National Theater of Great Britain, specifically at the Bridge Theatre, London, as the protagonist of “Crazy Straight Line”, the new work from the multi-award winning David Hare Based on and directed by real events Nicholas Hytner (skylight).

The show has received rave reviews in the UK and is being recorded on Thursday 23 March at 8:00pm in the Alexandra Trianti Hall of the Athens Concert Hall as part of the National Theatre’s satellite broadcast, watched by approximately 11 million viewers in 2,500 theatres. and 65 countries from 2009 to date.

In the “Straight Crazy” The BAFTA and Tony Award-winning English actor in a thrilling performance, along with an excellent ensemble, paints a portrait of a real person, Robert Moses, considered one of the most influential American urban planners of the 1950s. A diabolical figure who knew how to deftly move the gears of power in New York City, always aiming to fulfill his personal ambitions and serve his professional interests.

Satellite view in progress In cooperation with the British Embassy In Athens and the British Council.

“Straight Crazy”

For forty straight years, Robert Moses has been manipulating those in power, using his cunning, charm, and instilling fear. Originally with a vision to improve the lives of working New Yorkers, it created parks, bridges, and 627 miles of freeways to empower people to get outdoors.

But when groups of protesters emerge with a different vision for the city’s future, democracy is tested before the steely will of a charismatic city planner.

Playwright David Hare talks about the play

Some of the characters—including Robert Moses, Al Smith, and Shirley Hayes—were flesh and blood, lived and breathed. The deeds and biographies I attribute to them are generally accurate and have been drawn from the many books, articles, and films dealing with the transformation of New York State in the mid-twentieth century. Inventing some other characters. So prolific was Moses’ life, and so great was his influence, that I chose to focus on just two specific moments in his remarkable career.”


  • Directed by: Nicholas Hytner
  • Costume design: Bob Crowley
  • Lighting design: Jessica Hung Han Yun
  • Sound design: George Dennis
  • Music Composition: George Fenton
  • Distribution Director: Robert Stern
  • Associate Director: Jimmy Armitage
  • distribution: Maria Heller and Alisha Bailey Ariel Porter, Samuel Barnett, Stamford Fergus and David Bromley, Sandy McQuade, Alcoppola, Finwala Connell, Siobhan Cullen, Robert Moses and Ralph Fiennes Louis Mason and Ian Kirkby By Shirley Hayes and Alana Maria Carol Ames and Danny Mosley Henry Vanderbilt, Jay Paul, Jane Jacobs, Helen Schlesinger, Nicole Savage Marie, Stillwagon Stewart


  • Thursday, March 23 | 20:00 | Alexandra Trianti Hall
  • With Greek translation
  • the tickets: 210 72 82 333

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