June 26, 2024

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Reactions to Netanyahu’s arrest warrant – ‘No genocide was committed,’ Biden says.

Reactions to Netanyahu’s arrest warrant – ‘No genocide was committed,’ Biden says.

His reaction to the arrest warrant issued by the Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu The American President expressed Joe BidenWhich he described as “outrageous” and declared that the Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip “are not genocide.”

He stressed that “what is happening is not genocide, and we reject this term,” while the Hague Court, the highest judicial institution affiliated with the United Nations, accused Israel.

Meanwhile, at an event he attended for American Jewish Heritage Month at the White House on Monday (5/20), he described Israel as the victim of an attack and said that US confidence in Tel Aviv is “unwavering.”

“We stand with Israel” in the operations to “neutralize Sinwar and the rest of Hamas’ butchers.” We want to defeat Hamas. We are working with Israel to do this.”

It should be noted that Biden rejected the International Criminal Court’s request to issue international arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Defense Minister in Yoav Galad’s government, in addition to two Hamas leaders.

Meanwhile, negotiations between the two sides to release elderly, sick and wounded hostages held by Hamas have reached a dead end, but the US President said that efforts to return them to their homes will continue. “We will return them to their homes,” he stressed.

At the same time, Biden is facing great popular pressure, especially from some Democratic Party supporters, regarding how he will handle the war with the increasing number of casualties in the Gaza Strip.

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