May 21, 2024

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Real Madrid – Panathinaikos, live broadcast, round 27 of the Euroleague

Real Madrid – Panathinaikos, live broadcast, round 27 of the Euroleague

Panathinaikos will play in the stadium of the Euroleague champion, Real Madrid, in the 27th round, searching for a “golden” double that will make them a candidate to qualify for the top four places in the standings.

After losing the Greek Cup and taking a break from the national teams, Panathinaikos returns to action with a tough match against Real Madrid in the Euroleague, testing their mettle against the top team so far in the season.

Watch the Real Madrid and Panathinaikos match broadcast live

“Green” has a 16-10 record and wants to make a breakthrough against the leader EuroLeague (22-4), In order to continue the fourth round of the competition.

During the break, Panathinaikos missed the first major goal of the year, which was the Greek Cup, noting the defeat against Olympiacos in the institution’s final. His last match in EuroLeague It was a home win over Fenerbahce.

On the other hand, Real Madrid lost in their last match EuroLeague At Armani headquarters in Milan, But he lifted the King's Cup in Spain by easily defeating Barcelona in the final.

The 'Clover' has created a negative tradition in Madrid. The “Greens” have not achieved any victory outside Real Madrid’s headquarters for 11 years, specifically since March 2013.

The work of coach Ergin Ataman's team in Madrid is faltering due to the absence of Luca Vildosa (due to knee problems) and Costa Antetokounmpo (who suffered an injury in the national team's match against the Netherlands).

It is worth noting that Moraitis, Kalitsakis, Antetokounmpo and Mandzoukas traveled to Spain directly from the Netherlands, as did of course international players Hernangomet, Balczerowski and Lesor, but also Ataman (the coach of the Turkish national team).

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The game is managed by Matej Bolthauser (Slovenia), Emin Mogulcuk (Turkey), and Joseph Bessang (France).