April 24, 2024

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Reporting issues on iPhones upgraded to iOS 17.4.1

Reporting issues on iPhones upgraded to iOS 17.4.1

As noted by well-known broker Apple Hub, which has nearly a million followers on X, many users reported that after upgrading to iOS 17.4.1the iPhone He started to face them Battery problems.

It seems that this particular update was very simple and small, as it only fixed some bugs in the operating system. However, it is possible that something is wrong, making battery management worse. At the moment we do not have any official position from Apple on this matter, although there are enough reports on social media.

For the record, Apple previously issued a rare statement on this topic after the release of iOS 15.4, after many users immediately complained that their devices' battery life suddenly seemed noticeably worse.

Specifically, the American giant confirmed this In fact the battery drains faster after updates, But there is a reason.

No, Apple isn't intentionally downgrading them (anymore), as they turned out to have done with the massive “Batterygate” scandal. On the contrary, as the company explained, the phenomenon is due to the various background functions that the operating system performs after each update. especially, Some special operations are run once From optimizing saved files to running new machine learning algorithms in your photo library to keep your device fast and efficient. All these things consume the battery right after the upgrade until it is finished.

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In addition, battery management is not a simple task for smartphones and is performed using complex algorithms that require a few charging and discharging cycles to find its rhythm again, after the fresh start imposed by the update.

So on iOS 17.4.1. Is your device having problems after upgrading? If you just updated your iPhone and noticed that the battery doesn't last long, don't panic. Continue using it as you normally would for a few days. Then, if the battery continues to drain faster after at least 48 hours, it may be a good time to contact Apple Support, as there may actually be a problem.