July 20, 2024

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Response to Nikos Moratidis' unacceptable statement about her and her daughter

the Christina Lambieri She responded in her own way to the unacceptable statement he made Nikos Moratidis Through his personal blog.

“Sociologists have made a mistake, and they have an opinion. Christina Lambieri: I support the same-sex couples bill, but childbearing is another story. She is talking – as a friend says – who gave birth to a little girl who “threw” her to her grandmother, and the child grew up suffering from obesity and problems.” wrote Nikos Moratidis, with his statement that left everyone who read it speechless and caused Pavlos Heklis to erupt.

The announcer's answer was logical

Christina Lambieri chose to respond by republishing some of the words of popular actor Javier Bardem about his vision of women.

The post stated: “If the world depended on us humans, it would have been destroyed hundreds of millions of years ago. Thanks to women we are still here today. We are safe, their homeland is our homeland. Nature created us all, that's why women should be worshiped and that's just a fact.

A true good man is one who treats women as equals. I am from Spain, which is a very patriarchal country, but I was raised by a woman, and educated by a woman, because my father was absent, may God bless him, so I learned and saw the world through the eyes of a woman. …And I saw what it meant to be a woman in this world, and even what it meant to be an actress, like my mother, in Spain in the 1960s, worse than a prostitute.

And the strength of this woman, who brought dignity to everything she did, who fought so hard to raise three children without losing her temper, with the strength of a lioness, is something I will cherish forever. This is what makes me believe that without women we are not protected. Because we are the weaker sex.

Javier Angel Encinas Bardem».

See the post shared by Christina Lambieri:

The reason for the unacceptable statement of Nikos Mouratidis was the statements of Christina Lambiris in Super Katerina about the draft law on marriage and procreation for same-sex couples: “Obviously I support the bill for same-sex couples. But adoption is another story. I'm not going to be negative.”