June 21, 2024

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Rethinking Greece: Digital platform for bringing back highly-skilled youth turns into a hub

Rethinking Greece: Digital platform for bringing back highly-skilled youth turns into a hub

The genesis of digital “Rethink Greece” platform. Which will be operational starting from the new year.

The platform, as OT wrote on November 8, is already in the first phase of its operation, with a number of companies posting advertisements to hire specialized employees.

Recasting Greece

Minister of Labor Mr. Ed. Georgiadis considers the success of the project extremely important, as in recent years the phenomenon of many highly qualified companies requesting executives and employees with specific qualifications has been observed but cannot find them.

A useful tool to promote the project is expected to be financing from the NSRF Fund, as well as the Development Bank, which will support all companies that employ Greek immigrants, through the digital platform that will be created within the information system “ERGANI II” to develop a mechanism to promote talent and connect scientists – Workers, living inside and outside Greece, with jobs in highly skilled and specialized occupations.

user interface

The digital platform will interact with the mechanism for diagnosing labor market needs, the ERGANI II information system and the Independent Public Revenue Authority, as well as with any other body deemed necessary for its more efficient operation. A similar interface – may exist – also with the corresponding platform to be created by the Society of Hellenic Industries (SEB).

Qualifications and skills will be registered – on behalf of companies – based on the European Classification of Skills – Abilities, Qualifications and Occupations. In this way, the necessary measures will be taken to bring young people back to their homeland, so that they can be discovered and re-attracted to Greek companies. The aim is to create a hub to connect supply and demand for highly skilled workers, but also to stimulate areas of the country that have lost talent and workers.

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CV and skills

In the new matching platform, unemployed people will create their own individual account, with their CV and skills. The data will be available to employers looking for employees so that matching can be done in an automated manner, but also through DYPA’s training consultants who will be able to direct unemployed people to the type of training that suits them and the labor market needs.


Every employer, who hires an employee with a subordinate employment relationship under private law, is obliged to publish the basic conditions of employment of the employee electronically in the “ERGANI II” information system, before the employee takes up service, and otherwise the written individual employment contract, if it exists.

Those interested can now search for professional opportunities from hundreds of jobs published on the new digital platform. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to enhance companies’ ability to find the people they need.

At the same time, it expands employment opportunities for high-level human capital in Greece and abroad, making it possible to search among hundreds of jobs in some of the largest industries.

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