April 19, 2024

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Revealing the unknown relationship with his co-star

Revealing the unknown relationship with his co-star

Among others, Makis Delaportas, who was a guest on the Super Katerina program on ALPHA, spoke about Aliki Vougiouklakis and Dimitris Papamichhail. The actor and writer, referring to the films dedicated to the Greek Revolution that are usually shown on March 25, made special mention of the legendary Papaflisas and Dimitris Papamichael.

In response to a related question, he confirmed a rumor that had been circulating about the existence of a relationship between Dimitris Papamichael and his co-star in the film, Katia Dandolakis.

“There was some romance at that time between Katya and Dimitris. They had already separated from Alice. For 1-2 years, Aliki and Dimitris were separated, and no one knew about it. They played in the theater but were not together. From 1971 the problems began. In 1974 They divorced. That's why we see some of the other heroes of 1972 next to her in the theater. “At that time they were divorced,” said Makis Delaportas.

Makis Delaportas also referred to the last years of the life of the great protagonist as Caterina Kenurgio recounts that she interviewed him when she was a student.

“He was falling out. Psychology played a big role. He was bitter that he wasn't taken to The National, and he was feeling a little bitter. Demetris split up with the move he made with Will and John. She loved him. They never got along with Alice. He said “Something in an interview, and Aliki was upset and they never spoke again. He took it hard because she wouldn't talk to him. He said something about finances, and he left him on the street. He didn't make any effort to talk again. He was selfish.”

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“They played together again in the theater and broke up. He never got over the fact that Alice was first. He went to the hospital where Fujioklaki was and told her 'Get up, Baby, let's go' but Aliki was already in a coma. It was his great love, it was love and hate. He didn't He couldn't breathe without Alice.

Papamihel passed the wedding ring to Aliki on stage, and behind him was his wife at the time, Despo Diamantou. Makis Delaportas stressed that she does not deserve dispos.