June 26, 2024

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Rhodes: In Otovoro, legal representative of the beach bar with sunbeds on the sea

Rhodes: In Otovoro, legal representative of the beach bar with sunbeds on the sea

On Friday (7.6.2024) the company’s legal representative showed up with the beach bar he illegally took out Sunbeds In the sea and metal structures on its shore Agia Marina in rose, Which was sealed on Friday morning. Parties that continued until a few hours after the venue closed, as customers and staff cut the restrictive tapes…

The legal representative was detained and will be tried tomorrow afternoon, while the company was fined 28,560 euros.

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The automatic procedure was activated by the prosecution, after violating the seal by removing the signs (tapes) from the company that had been installed this morning by Real estate service in Dodecanese His first Ministry of Finance And the Greek police Preventing entry to the headquarters and engaging in any economic activity.

Meanwhile, today he also immersed himself in work fine to 28,650 euros, An amount up to four times the amount the entrepreneur would have paid for one year if he had entered into a contract.

The area is still closed and guarded by police forces, while it will take place tomorrow Secretary General Mr. Property n. Glue To continue coordination with local authorities.


Next steps

Now, the company is required at its own risk to remove all illegal sunbeds and moveable items of metal structures by Sunday morning. If not, you are responsible for the removal Municipal.

Within the next few days, the relevant demolition protocol will be issued and will be forwarded to him Decentralized administration of the Aegean Sea To implement it.


It should be noted that the certification process Illegal occupation of public space Completed by its competent departments Ministry of Finance, Ha Greek police And Addy In less than 48 hours. Indeed, the day before yesterday at noon, the competent services began on-site inspection in a job, Where the illegal occupation of the beach and the installation of 19 metal structures in the sea were found. Then they followed all the legal procedures, the autopsy report was drawn up with the corresponding result, the immediate removal was carried out as well as the order to close down and shut down the operation and economic activity of the illegally occupied area.

It is noteworthy that the procedure and seal of the place where the illegal occupation occurred is independent of it Rhodes Municipality’s decision to completely close the business, Which is expected to be implemented on June 20.

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