June 23, 2024

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Rhodes: “lock” on the beach bar with sunbeds in the sea – the 19 metal structures are removed

Rhodes: “lock” on the beach bar with sunbeds in the sea – the 19 metal structures are removed

Developments with the beach bar “SANTA MARINA” “in operation”, according to the Rhodes Municipality document published in Diagia, it was decided to close immediately, on the morning of June 20.

Sunbeds at sea have appeared again this year from the company operating in Rhodes and are the same ones that made the news a year ago with the “waiter swimmer” and demolition protocol issued last year.

The decision did not specify how long the business would remain closed

A group of executives from the Land Agency and Port Authority conducted a new on-site inspection and found illegal constructions (19 metal structures) at sea as well as violations on the beach.

The disputed municipality decision to close businesses today (05/05) is based on the decision of the municipal committee and its signature by the Mayor of Rhodes, Alexandros Kouliadis. The document does not specify how long the business will remain closed.

Violations according to audit

During the police inspection, “it was found that it was working after a 25-meter-high concrete and slab floor had been created in front of the shop, within the waterfront land area. By approximately 15 m., it was protected by a wooden pergola of corresponding dimensions in addition to a construction at the second floor level of concrete and tiles on the side.” The right of the shop which is connected by four steps to the first measuring 45 m by 7 m, is protected by a wooden pergola of corresponding dimensions and on which a total of 37 tables and 150 chairs have been developed to serve customers.

The total area of ​​these constructions is approximately -690- square metres.

Finally, it lacked the relevant approval from the relevant Antiquities Service for the legal operation of the company (…), which led to the modification of the operating conditions (expansion) of the store in question due to development within the inland area of ​​the Sahel-Beach (…)”.

Seal decision

It was decided to close the health authority’s store on the morning of June 20, urging “the employer to be present in his shop to witness the sealing process.”

Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis previously stated: “When we say it is coming to the coast and the beaches, we mean it! Those who break the law on the beaches will find us confronting them. In every illegal incident, we will be found across the street, with speed and determination. We have Citizens as our allies, but also new technologies, such as the use of drones and the new myCoast app, which allow us to intervene immediately when necessary.”