April 13, 2024

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Rhodes: Video of events – the arrest of 26 people turned into arrests

Rhodes: Video of events – the arrest of 26 people turned into arrests

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Among them is one of Diagoras's followers

The arrests turned into arrests of Panashaki fans.

According to information received from Rhodia, 26 people have been arrested, a case has been filed against them, and they are expected to be brought before the competent public prosecutor in Rhodes.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the 25 Patrino, one of Diagoras's followers was also arrested.

Investigations are ongoing to determine whether other followers of Diagoras were involved. The people involved were identified last night after the end of Diagoras' match with Panashaki in the Super League 2 tournament.

We remind you that previously there was tension and unrest both inside the municipal stadium “Diagoras”, where damage occurred, but also in the streets surrounding the stadium.

According to “Rudiaka” information, the case file includes laws related to sports violence, specifically “violent crimes on the occasion of sporting events or a sporting background, amateur and professional sports, harm and the use of weapons.”

The following video is an example of what happened yesterday and was circulated on social media:

Photos: Kostas Tzavaras

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