November 30, 2023

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Rotterdam: Erasmus University professor and woman murdered – student culprit – Newsbomb – News

Rotterdam: Erasmus University professor and woman murdered – student culprit – Newsbomb – News

At least two people were killed in an armed attack in Rotterdam

“At least two people” Local police said that two men were killed today in a double attack carried out by a gunman in Rotterdam.

There were two victims The perpetrator’s 39-year-old neighbor And one 42 years old Professor at Erasmus UniversityPolice Chief Fred Westerbeek said. The woman’s 14-year-old daughter was also shot and seriously injured.

The perpetrator was a student at Erasmus University.

The gunman, who was wearing military clothing, first opened fire inside an apartment and then stormed the nearby university hospital. Fires broke out immediately afterwards in both places, but were quickly extinguished.

“There are deaths in the shooting in Rotterdam. “We will inform the family and relatives first and will provide further clarifications later,” the police said in a post on the X platform.

Special police forces entered the hospital searching for the suspect, a 32-year-old man armed with a gun. The Dutch news agency ANP reported that the motive behind the attack remains unknown.

It is believed the man acted alone and no other man is wanted.

They can be seen in footage broadcast by local channels Many people are discharged from the hospitalAmong them are doctors and patients, while at the same time police officers wearing bulletproof vests enter. Police helicopters fly over the scene. CDoctors and nurses move patients on stretchers and wheelchairs.

Police said they were investigating the hospital To identify any other victims of the perpetrator, who was arrested. A video posted online shows a man in handcuffs being taken away by police.

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“I heard the first shots on the fourth floor. Four or five shots. Then a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the training center,” a medical student told RTL TV. Another witness who spoke to public broadcaster NOS said: “There was panic and screaming (…) “I didn’t hear any gunshots, I just saw panic.”

Acting Minister of Justice and Security Dylan Geselgosz commented from Brussels, where he is located: “Today is a very dark day.”

Frequent shooting incidents in Rotterdam by drug gangs

Shooting incidents are frequent in Rotterdam, and are often attributed to score-settling between rival drug trafficking gangs.

In 2019, three people were killed on a tram in Utrecht, while the Netherlands was shocked in 2011 when 24-year-old Tristan van der Vlies killed six people and injured 10 others in a shopping centre.