February 26, 2024

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Ruin with the day before – people are demanding their money back!

Ruin with the day before – people are demanding their money back!

A few hours ago, yesterday It’s finally available, after months-long drama that included legal battles over the name and accusations from the community that the development team was up to some kind of fraud. in the end, amazing He chose to release the title as early access, noting that development of the game will continue with community feedback.

Speaking of reactions, this was very negative. In particular, almost immediately, the previous day’s ratings on Steam went red, with Reviews to be very negative. In fact, of the nearly 13,000 reviews posted at the time of publishing this article, Only 16% are positive. This means that Collectively, the community rates the game less than 2/10.

Countless players indicate that they have resorted to the refund route, demanding their money back. the reason; Finally, The Day Before is not an MMO like everyone thought from the trailers. Instead, the game is a zombie shooter and the team has deleted all old trailers that showed the open-world elements from its YouTube channel.

This led to angry comments and feedback on social media, while there was also chaos the day before the official Discord without exaggeration. Things have gotten so out of control that Mods has temporarily shut down the community, saying:

We have made the decision to temporarily close the channel for a number of reasons. First, it is essential that we let the dust settle due to the overwhelming toxicity that we currently cannot manage effectively. Second, we need to send all bug reports to the development team, and we can’t do that if we’re not allowed to share those reports. Constant tuning here takes our time away from addressing important issues and releasing important fixes. A patch is in the works, so please get ready.

For the record, in response to some early angry backlash, the same mod prompted disgruntled players to reflect “Either follow Steam’s refund policy or wait patiently for improvements.”

Sample reviews on Steam: