June 16, 2024

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Rumor: Apple will make a major upgrade to the regular iPhone 16

Rumor: Apple will make a major upgrade to the regular iPhone 16

Yes, it’s probably only been a few days since the big Wonderlust event apple Who hosted the unveiling of the new brand iPhone 15However, rumors about next generation models have already begun. In particular, it seems that the American giant intends to make a very significant upgrade to iPhone 16 onlywhich people have been asking for for a long time.

In more detail, this year’s iPhone 15 has been upgraded with various features that were present in last year’s Pro models, such as Dynamic Island, but also the 48-megapixel central camera. Next year, the company intends to improve simple models using High refresh rate screensIt’s a technology that has traditionally only been found on Apple Pro devices, thanks to the so-called “ProMotion” feature.

According to a post by Majin Bu on However, Majin Bu did not specify whether the regular models will get a 120Hz refresh rate in 2024. Apple may opt for a 90Hz panel for the standard versions, keeping the 120Hz rate exclusive for its Pro devices.

As always, these plans are subject to change, so we suggest you stay tuned. The final reveal of the iPhone 16 may bring some changes, and it is clear that it will take a lot of patience until next September to find out.

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