May 18, 2024

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Rumors are circulating about the return of Nintendo’s landmark series

Rumors are circulating about the return of Nintendo’s landmark series

In the past few hours, rumors have spread that… Nintendo He prepares great direct They were really excited for September. However, there is a more specific rumor spreading across the Internet, which wants the Japanese giant’s historic franchise to return after many years of absence.

Delving into the details, leaker Pyoro, who has a very strong track record when it comes to Nintendo-related leaks, has begun revealing several announcements that will be hosted in the upcoming September Direct. In one of his related posts, he wrote:

Let’s just say that fans of a particular MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming straightforward function.

In case you don’t know, MATLAB is a special program used for data analysis, advanced mathematical calculations and other complex operations. Among other things, it includes a function called “fzero”. Yes, you got it right. The leaker hints at how to do this Nintendo postpones the announcement regarding the F-Zero series.

It’s a series that fans have been begging Nintendo to bring back for 19 years, ever since its last game was F-Zero Climax, which was released for the GameBoy Advance. In fact, the leaker was asked if the ad he was referring to was a port of the aforementioned Nintendo Switch Online game, but his answer was’.

If his information is correct, we shouldn’t be seeing a new F-Zero for the Nintendo Switch, a full 19 years later. Very soon we will know…

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