April 24, 2024

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Russia: Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons while NATO forces are already in Ukraine

Russia: Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons while NATO forces are already in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is warning against the use of nuclear weapons, while German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is installing British military operators already in Ukraine to organize missile strikes.

Germany will not supply long-range Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine because that would also require sending German military operators, Olaf Scholz said on Monday, February 26. As the British do With the launch of their Storm Shadow planes.

Putin's nuclear reminder shows that NATO threats have crossed a crucial red line

Olaf Salt installed British military operators already in Ukraine to launch missile attacks

The British responded and accused Soltz of 'Blatant misuse of information' – Which means that the German Chancellor confirmed what everyone already knew, which is that NATO officers and trained personnel are in Ukraine to operate weapons such as the Patriot and NASAM air defense systems, the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, and the British-French Storm Shadow cruise missile (SCALP-). EG in France) and many other complex weapons supplied to Kiev.

Huge number

The actual number of personnel from NATO countries in Ukraine is unknown, but there is no doubt that they are there in significant numbers and come from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Poland and others.

Injuries or deaths of these “volunteers” are covered up and their roles are often described as medical or social. He adds that recently, the legal status of a warrior has begun to be recognized, at least in the United States Analyzed by Stephen BryanFormer US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, and expert in security strategy and technology.

On February 29, Putin delivered his annual two-hour State of the Nation Address (centre image, top, by Sputnik/Sergey Gunev/Kremlin via Reuters). He warned that sending NATO forces to Ukraine could lead to nuclear war.

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The Russian President was partly responding to a statement by his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, who suggested sending NATO forces to Ukraine to prevent a Russian victory. Although Macron's statement did not win support from European leaders, the fact that the deployment of troops was publicly discussed at an EU forum appeared to have increased tensions between NATO and Russia.

For some time, NATO has been working to escalate the conflict in Ukraine, ostensibly to help expel the Russians from Ukrainian territory. But most evidence indicates that he is looking for bases for his forces and weapons directed towards Russia.

According to New York timesThe United States already has 12 CIA bases in Ukraine, on the border with Russia. At the same time, NATO is aggressively promoting regime change in Moscow.

Putin is the target

the Wire magazine revealed Now that The United States developed a special technology To monitor the cell phones of Putin's employees and associates in order to track their location.

There have been several attempts on Putin's life, one of which was a suicide drone attack on his office in the Kremlin (Photo by Ostorozno Novosti via Reuters)

This information will be of little value unless it is used to assassinate Putin. The fact that the United States and NATO, with the help of the Ukrainians, actively participated in the purge of Russian officials (as well as military leaders), shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that regime change in Russia is more important than its defeat on the battlefield.

the Victoria Noland He said this week that Putin's Russia is “not the Russia we wanted.”

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There is no doubt that the Russian president knows what the goal of NATO military forces is. There were several attempts on his life. One such attack was a suicide drone attack on his office in the Kremlin.

It is likely, in light of revelations about efforts to locate Putin, that the raid was intended to kill him (with Kiev, not NATO, to blame).

Car accident

In another incident, six years before the invasion of Ukraine, his limousine was traveling on the Moscow Ring Road when it collided head-on. His driver was killed, but he was not in the car. Not all information is reliable.

Although Russian domestic policy is often brutal and involves assassinations, Putin has been careful not to go after NATO leaders or Ukraine's leaders.

When he was negotiating to try to resolve the chaos in Ukraine, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke to Zelensky, who feared Putin would kill him.

Then he spoke with the Russian President, who pledged the safety of his Ukrainian counterpart, stressing that Russia would not touch him. Bennett's deal to protect Zelensky appears to have worked so far.

Western intelligence agencies, research centers, and Kiev itself indicate that the situation in Ukraine is very bad and may face defeat in the next three months.

This has alarmed Europeans, which is the real reason Macron helped organize the emergency EU meeting in Paris. The Europeans apparently promised to supply Kiev with long-range weapons, but the Germans disagreed when it came to the Taurus missile.

Putin's limousine after a fatal head-on collision on the Moscow Ring Road while he was not inside

German fears

It is reasonable to assume that Germany feared the Russian reaction, or even that the Russians explicitly warned the German government that it was entering a dangerous area with no good way out.

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NATO policy needs urgent review. If it is in fact opposed to sending troops to Ukraine, it no longer has a reasonable objection to those already on its territory.

The British are right when they say that Schulz sounded the alarm with his statement about British soldiers operating Storm Shadow missiles in Ukraine. What was hidden in the Secret Service's networks has now been revealed.

Russian concerns are growing about these deployments and the weapons being sent to Ukraine, some of which target only Russian cities and towns.

Red line

Putin's reminder that Russia has nuclear weapons, his warning that NATO is preparing to attack his country, and his declaration of his willingness to use nuclear weapons all indicate that political acceptance of the NATO threat has crossed a critical red line.

Secret Russian documents from 2008 to 2014 reveal that Russian planning has set a low threshold for the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The papers, which referred to an attack scenario by China, stressed Russia's willingness to use nuclear weapons early in such a conflict.

How this applies to Ukraine is pure speculation, but whenever NATO increases the threat on Russian territory, or even plans provocations and invasion, its implementation depends entirely on the decisions of Russian leaders.

NATO is not ready

NATO itself is in no way prepared for conflict with Russia. It is in a much worse position today than it was before the Ukrainian war because it has sent vital weapons to Kiev, depriving itself of key means of defense such as ammunition, armor and missiles.

Worse still, its leaders and former leaders (such as Boris Johnson) continue to provoke the Russians, building tension on tension. NATO cannot defend against a conventional attack, and certainly not against so-called tactical nuclear weapons.