April 13, 2024

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Samsung and Xiaomi collide in the AI ​​arena

Samsung and Xiaomi collide in the AI ​​arena

It starts today this year Moving world CongressMWC In Barcelonaany The world's largest mobile phone industry trade show.

Every year both The largest technology companies in the world as much as And Smaller companies showcase the technological achievements they have incorporated smart phones. This year, especially for its group names Samsung Or her Xiaomi, Presentations will focus In the How artificial intelligence I will Giving new possibilities In this particular one He buys.

For manufacturers smart phones New AI capabilities are the next “path” they must successfully navigate in order to get thereIncrease their salesAfter a difficult period of time.

So, starting today and over the next three days, they will update us on their progress integrating the apps Jane AI They will announce Their achievements so far with the iPhone 16, Google pixel 9, Galaxy s24 and Xiaomi 14 Be firmn First places on its track Jinai.

On this path The two main demands:

First, secure the most advanced chips To be able to run applications The generalAmnesty International, Its basis The user will have access to Models Where it will be Trained inVast amounts of data and will They can produce text and images Coke.

the Slices smart phone where Launched companies like Qualcomm And the mediatek Enabling the processing power required for AI applications.

Drsecondlythe application aSo to impactaOf hoses It's important to do no In the clouds Like today, but inside itself device.

This is exactly it Modeling capacity Amnesty International to «They are running» Rooted in the hardware itself, it will be one of the biggest themes of the year MWC, Because it is possible It will improve the safety of the equipment, It will ensure faster application speed, While at the same time will open”.Hey” Furthermore Capabilities, Such as artificial intelligence She's smart enough to know that His behavior every time User and make the device more user friendly, Anticipate what he wants to do Accordingly user without He has a lot to do.

Samsung against Xiaomi

theSpecific applications technologys Amnesty International in smart phones For years nowAllow Jobs like Those for photo editing or background blur effects.

As it is But really The new one is a great entry Language modelsMaster's And genetic artificial intelligence, Jinai.

the Master's They are trained inHuge amounts of data and Support applications where Unlock new features, such as the ability to Chat bots Create images or text from the user prompt.

although Her age Jinai On the machine with a large Language models FindIt's still in its early stages, and it still represents a huge leap for manufacturers smart phones, Leap to be introduced this year MWC.

actually Company parStarted since the end of January in Seoul tThe flagship of the series smart phone Galaxy S24, showcases the possibilities Jinai device.

For example, eTo the characteristics that attracted attentionOr was the ability to circuit a The image or text we see In any application and subscriptionsWe have to look for it Immediately to Google.

Chinese electronics giant And the third largest player the smartphone In the world, XYumi, It was also presented on Sunday in Barcelona the Xiaomi 14 And Xiaomi bandage S6 forefront 12.4.

Blood circulation From the series 14 Come Like a company He noticed Important Recovery in its core business smart phoneWhich represents two-thirds of its total revenues. despite of Slight increase in revenue, yetSix consecutive quarters of decline, h Xiaomi Still experiencing intense ifCompetition in High end Not just who apple And Samsung, But also From Chinese players like honorOne spin off Ha Huawei.

In series 14 hours Xiaomi It is trying to position itself as a company that offers a number of consumer devices that can all communicate with each other via its operating system – HyperOS – Which was released last year. It is located at approximately A Similar strategy to this one to Samsung And apple.

We note that Xiaomi 14 Super It uses lenses from the German company Leica. This integration Help her Xiaomi To establish itself as global leaders Innovating mobile photographygiving the user the ability to do so Incredible 8K video recording, with Professional level editing jobs.

In conclusion, we mention that pMaybe we'll see MWC Demonstrations And others mission Jinai Of applications etcprincess l Chat bots On phones, Although there are many such applications nowadays no This will be done exclusively on the device, but it will They are still dependentIt is processed in Chigh.

The company that managed to be the first to integrate the processing of these applications exclusively on the device, but will do so as well Convince him Consumers to The capabilities that will be available from such development-Let's not forget that many consumers have no idea what this product is the smartphone With Amnesty International- She will also be the one to do it Obtaining the largest market share.

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