June 26, 2024

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Sarri requested a short extension and will give a final answer on Wednesday

Sarri requested a short extension and will give a final answer on Wednesday


Maurizio Sarri
© 2023 Raed Krishan/AP Photos

The series will continue with Maurizio Sarri’s response to Panathinaikos’ proposal for at least another 24 hours, with the Italian coach requesting a short extension until he announces his final decision.

The series will apparently contain another episode related to Maurizio Sarri’s response to the offer from Panathinaikos for a three-year partnership, with annual profits of 4.5 million euros.

The experienced Italian technician contacted the Panathinaikos team and begged the Greens to give him a simple extension for a few more hours, so that he could give them his final answer.

Sarri even held a meeting with his partners and they evaluated Panathinaikos’ proposal, which fully covers him financially. There are still doubts about the dynamics of the Greek League, but the fact that Sarri is carefully studying the project analyzed by the Greens, proves that he is very seriously considering continuing his career in Greece.


Panathinaikos has shown Sarri in practice how much they want to sign him, and in fact Giannis Alvouzos has made it clear to him that they will hand over full management of the team to him. Now the ball has passed into the court of the former Lazio coach, who will give his final answer on Wednesday (5/6) unexpectedly.

At the same time, Panathinaikos is still working on alternative cases, given that the team begins training in mid-June, so the margins are very tight and there is no longer time for delay.

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