April 19, 2024

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Scenes from the future in Britain: “Dragon Fire” was successfully used on an aerial target – Newsbomb – News

Scenes from the future in Britain: “Dragon Fire” was successfully used on an aerial target – Newsbomb – News

Britain successfully uses lasers against ships for the first time – the weapon called 'Dragon Fire' is so accurate it can hit a coin from miles away

Science fiction scenes unfold in Britain Which opened the Fire Test with a single Dragon Fire High power laser weapon. Laser It was first used against an air target In a successful experience.

Weapon with name “dragon fire”, According to the British Ministry of Defence, it is so accurate that a £1 coin can be struck from miles away

As the BBC mentioned in its report. The British Ministry of Defense described the test, which was conducted in the Hebrides region of Scotland, as an “important step” in applying the technology.

Meanwhile, in London it is hoped the test will pave the way for a low-cost alternative to missiles to shoot down targets such as drones.

the Defense Secretary Grant Shapps He stated that technology can reduce “Relying on expensive ammunition while minimizing the risk of collateral damage.”

According to British Ministry of DefenceBoth the Army and Royal Navy are considering using this technology as part of future air defense capabilities.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The cost of using a DragonFire system for 10 seconds is equivalent to using a standard radiator for an hourWhich means the running cost is usually less than £10 per shot.

the Laser directed energy weapons (LDEW) use an intense beam of light to hit their target, while They can strike at the speed of light.

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The scope of the DragonFire system is classifiedBut it is a line-of-sight weapon, meaning it has the range to attack any visible target.

the DragonFire weapon system It is the result of a £100 million joint investment by the British government and the country's industry.

the Development of laser weapons This comes amid the increasing use of drones in the conflict, which was seen during the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, where Russia is believed to be using Iranian “kamikaze” drones to attack Ukrainian cities.

Ukraine, which also uses some kamikaze drones, Created its own army of drones.

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