May 21, 2024

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Scientists have discovered a new species of octopus – Newsbomb – News

Scientists have discovered a new species of octopus – Newsbomb – News

It is also very likely a new genus of octopus

Scientists exploring a remote part of the ocean have discovered a completely new species that has them scratching their heads.

According to The Telegraph, the discovery of the creature along with 100 new species of marine life was made by scientists exploring the depths of the largely unknown waters of the Bounty Basin, which dives to a depth of 15,748 feet in the eastern South Island of New Zealand. .

The new species found include three species of fish, shrimp, a variety of sea cucumbers and porpoise. But the most important discovery was an unknown species of octopus.

Researchers believe they have not only found a new species of octopus, they may have discovered it A completely new breed. The creature is so unusual that it has “confounded” scientists, according to Ocean Census, an environmental NGO, which led the deep-sea expedition.

“We now think it could be a new species of octopus, but also a new genus,” said Dr Michaela Mitchell, a taxonomist at the Queensland Museum in Australia. “What's even more exciting is that it may be a completely new group outside of octopuses. If so, this is an important discovery for the deep sea and gives us a much clearer picture of the planet's unique biodiversity.”

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