June 25, 2024

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Scientists have discovered the most effective way to reduce the smell of garlic in the breath

Scientists have discovered the most effective way to reduce the smell of garlic in the breath

the garlic It’s from one point of view “cursed”. While it is a joy to cook in the kitchen, being an essential ingredient for countless delicious recipes, at the same time it is avoided by many, because its effects on the psyche after consumption are usually more than… NB For those around you. Now, new research from Ohio State University theoretically promises a promising solution to this culinary dilemma: yogurt.

Renowned food scientist Cheryl Barringer, along with PhD student Manpreet Kaur, delve into the science behind garlic’s lingering odor. So their experiments revealed that adding yogurt to a jar of sliced ​​raw garlic reduces sulfur gases inside the jar by 99%. Even when tested with garlic fried in oil, the yogurt was able to reduce strong odors by 94%. This reduction is due to the fact that frying actually reduced several of the main odor-producing compounds found in garlic.

In their quest to understand yogurt’s odor-neutralizing abilities, the duo decided to break down the dairy product into its basic components. After thinking about this, they found that both butterfat and milk protein were effective in reducing the strong garlic odor.

This is in line with previous findings, which showed that high-fat milk is much more effective than its fat-free counterpart in combating garlic odor. The regulation of pH levels in yogurt also highlights the important role that proteins play in neutralizing garlic odor.

However, at this point, it should be noted that there is a big “but”. This particular research makes a compelling case for the potential of yogurt to combat bad breath with garlic. However, the effectiveness of yogurt dIt has not been tested by the research team on humans. However, Barringer advises that for best results, easy Yogurt that contains a sufficient amount of fat should be eaten immediately after eating garlic. So, next time you’re craving something with garlic, maybe a spoon or two of yogurt won’t hurt.

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You can find the scientific study By clicking here.

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