April 13, 2024

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Seamless updates have finally arrived on Samsung phones – what does this mean?

Seamless updates have finally arrived on Samsung phones – what does this mean?

It has been many years since it was announced Google the Seamless updates For Android phones, it has already been adopted by many companies in this field, except Samsung. It seems that this will now become a thing of the past for this company as well, as Samsung will be bringing this feature to its devices from now on.

The Korean company has already started with this feature, as it has become known that Galaxy A55 Issued in some regions support this. The Galaxy A55 just received the new March update and Samsung added this “new” functionality with it (firmware version A556EXXS1AXC1). So now users see two messages when downloading the update “Downloading and Installing” and “Verifying”.

But what is a seamless update?

The seamless update allows each new update to be installed on the B section of the device, while the user has the ability to use the phone from the A section, while the reboot takes place once the entire update is complete. This means that users can do whatever they want on their phones during installation and will just have to wait for the reboot. With the new feature, the Galaxy A55 took just 90 seconds to install the update, which means users will not have to wait long for the entire installation process to complete.

So far we do not know which Samsung phones will support seamless updates, but in all likelihood this will not be with older models, but with devices that will be released from now on.

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source: GS Marina