March 29, 2023

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Seychelles: what happens in heaven on earth – 10% of the population is addicted to heroin

the Seychelles It seems to everyone like a quiet and peaceful place, an exotic destination to rest. However, it is a country Full of contradictionswhere it is difficult to reconcile the amazing and amazing scenery with what is happening in it internal they.

On top of a hill, surrounded by a beautiful view of Indian OceanMontagne Posée, the main prison, is located here prison Seychelles. At the entrance to the place where the prisoners are kept, after one has passed through several locked gates and walked along the coiled barbed wire, there is a four-meter-high mural Nelson Mandela, Painted on the wall of the office building.

Next to the smiling face of the late South African President – who was, of course, a prisoner – there is a quote that reads “It is said that no one knows a nation unless he is inside its prisons». And it is true that in many ways it is The prison mirrors what is happening in the Seychellesbeyond the ultra-luxury five-star hotels and luxury life for guests.

For many, the daily dose of methadone is just another dose to fuel their drug addiction – a very dangerous combination. Using heroin and methadone at the same time can lead to a fatal overdose. Using methadone without a detox plan and without professional guidance will not be a good long-term solution.

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