December 4, 2023

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She does gymnastics with her daughter Melina Nikolaides

She does gymnastics with her daughter Melina Nikolaides

In … gymnastics “dropped him” Despina Vande and her daughter Melina Nikolaides.

Mother and daughter have a very strong bond, and quite often, the singer shares with her fans joint photos and videos of the moments they spend together.

Although Despina Vande usually does gymnastics on her own and even posts snapshots on social media, this time she gave birth to her daughter with her.

The two decided to combine their workouts, and the singer, of course, did not fail to post a snapshot of that time on her personal Instagram account.

In the photo in question, which was posted by Despina Vande on her Insta story, she appears to be leaning on an exercise machine, while her daughter performs the same movement on top of her.

look at the picture:

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