April 24, 2024

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She stayed with her husband despite his betrayal

She stayed with her husband despite his betrayal

A WOMAN has admitted she is stuck with her banker husband, even though he cheats on her regularly. He found his career “exciting” and thought it was “cool”.

In fact, the woman explained that she believed her husband when he told her that she was lucky because she could buy everything she wanted. She also mentioned that her other friends, Who married bankers convinced her that her situation was better From her husband's other romantic partners because she hid and rejected them.

“I was the one to keep him. The fact that my husband was still loving and generous with me and the children reassured me.” The woman pointed out. The 50-year-old admitted that during their 13-year marriage, she saw her husband transform from a generous and compassionate man who was ambitious and intelligent into a sex addict who couldn't say no.

“Now he is poor and I want a divorce.”

He said he would sleep with his assistant at work, have one-night stands at work and regularly go to strip clubs with clients and colleagues. “For the past two years, he has been paying rent to a then college student who is now a 24-year-old photographer,” the woman said.

The angry wife wrote on Reddit: “My husband was a non-traditional student. He came from a poor background with drug-addicted parents. He networked a lot and got a job in investment banking in New York. He was the golden child. So he wasn't good at controlling impulses and was always emotionally spoiled. Meanwhile, I had settled into a house in Montclair with our four children (a 13-year-old boy, 12-year-old girl, 10-year-old boy, and 8-year-old girl).”

She revealed that she discovered her husband's betrayal through hints left by his female colleagues. She stopped talking to her 51-year-old husband's colleaguesBut then she learned from her husband that he would either agree to go to strip clubs or he would enforce their prenuptial agreement.

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How did she discover her husband cheating?

However, at one point, one of her husband's ex-girlfriends went so far as to send them photos, while his current lover posts on TikTok with her husband and doesn't even bother to hide his face.

The wife reported that her husband was expelled. Despite receiving generous compensation, the couple had a lot of expenses and debts and faced financial problems. She said she woke up one day and realized her husband was no longer her “A strong, intelligent man whom I have loved for a long time.”

He became an upset and depressed child. He, despite his gentle demeanor, was always the rock of the marriage. When something bad happened, he expected it or had a solution. Now I realize that this bravado he showed, the intelligence was all cheap and fake. The worst part is that I know he's loyal to me now, but I can't be happy about that.”– the woman noticed.

“And while many wives still admire their husbands after losing their job, they do so because that respect is still there. I realized I didn't respect him.” There is not just one factor causing this. One day I told my husband that this marriage was over. He was angry and said, “So the minute you see a bank balance number you don’t like, you’ll leave.” He said he would recover and I would regret it. “I told him we were going to sell our house anyway, so maybe it's time for us to part ways here.” The woman confessed.

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How netizens commented on her decision

The woman found that Internet users supported her in her decision to divorce her husband. “His condition for marriage was to cheat on you and his condition for marriage was to provide for the family financially. “He decided that your relationship wasn't built on love or respect, how dare he do that now.” Report a user.

Another said: “Let's be honest, the only reason he doesn't cheat anymore is because there's a woman who doesn't want to sleep with him now that he's not waving his big bag of money to seduce her. It's not like he had some epiphany and completely changed himself and became an amazing person. “This is not an option for him.”

While a third pointed out: “His infidelity killed your marriage by a thousand cuts. Of course, once he loses the only bargaining chip he had in your relationship, you'll leave. You stayed for the financial stability it could provide you and your children. That is long gone, as is the love you once shared.