July 22, 2024

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Shooting after Super Bowl parade in Kansas

Shooting after Super Bowl parade in Kansas

One dead and 14 woundedThree of them are in critical condition, the number of episodes so far shooting At the end of the ceremonial parade in Kansas for winning this year's Super Bowl (the final of the American Football Championship) by the Kansas City Chiefs.

A fire department representative said so One person was killed and nine others were hospitalized for their injuries.

who are they, The condition of the three injured was described as “critical.” Five of them were taken to hospital in “serious condition,” while one of them sustained minor injuries. A fire department spokesman said that five other people requested medical care, noting that it was not clear whether their injuries were caused by gunshots.

The mayor of Kansas City announced that all members of the Kansas City Chiefs — including athletes, coaches and staff — It is safe.

The local police department announced this Two suspectsHe brought the report that weapons were found in his possession, and he is being investigated.

About one million participants are expected to participate in Wednesday's celebration 600 law enforcement officials.

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Officers said they were working to free everyone from inside Union Station.

“People need to get out of the area as quickly and as safely as possible and avoid the garage to facilitate treatment of shooting victims.” The police said. “Many of you have footage of several police officers securing Union Station, working to ensure the safety of everyone inside Union Station and speeding up the treatment of those injured.“.