February 22, 2024

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Sixty-six years since the plane tragedy that shocked the world

Sixty-six years since the plane tragedy that shocked the world

the February 6 She will remain deeply engraved in the hearts of those who love her forever Manchester United.

That day of 1958The darkest day in United's history 23 people – Including eight players and three members of the club staff – They were mortally wounded In his plane crash Munich.

The team was returning from the European Cup match with… Red Star BelgradeWhen her plane stopped in Germany to refuel. The first two attempts to take off from Munich Airport were aborted, and after the third attempt the plane crashed.

The eight players who lost their lives are Jeff is a girl (25 years), Roger Byrne (28 years), Eddie Coleman (21 years old), Duncan Edwards (21 years old), Mark Jones (24 years), David Page (22 years), Tommy Taylor (26 years old) and Liam Whelan (22 years). the Edwardsconsidered by many to be the greatest player of his generation, died 15 days after the accident.

The three club officials killed were the secretary Walter Kramerthe coach Tom Curry And the coach Bert Wally.

Sixty-six years since the plane tragedy that shocked the world

Eight journalists lost their lives: Alf Clarke, Donny Davies, George Follows, Tom Jackson, Archie Lidbrook, Henry Rose, Eric Thompson and former Manchester City goalkeeper Frank Swift.

The captain of the plane Ken Raymentcrew member Tom Cabletravel agent Bella Miklos And the supporter Willy Satinoffa friend of the United manager Sir Matt BusbyThey were also victims of a terrible tragedy.

The Munich air disaster is an indelible part of United's history, as is Sir Matt overcoming his injuries in the crash to work alongside his assistant Jamie Murphy to build another great team that won the European Cup 10 years later.

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You can learn more about the Munich air tragedy at this link www.manutd.com/munich

source: Manchester United
Edited-translated by: Spyros Ampelakis