June 13, 2024

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Slack crashes a bit, but a fix is ​​coming

Slack crashes a bit, but a fix is ​​coming

Some people are back in the office while others work remotely, but for many workers, no matter where they are, Slack is still the default means of communication, and on Wednesday mornings, it’s not working well.

complaints in the edge Slack channels remember messages you failed to send or edits that the app won’t update, and for the past few hours, The company confirmed It fixes issues affecting “calls, messaging, email processing, file uploading, keeping emoji reactions, keeping new DMs in the sidebar, search, workflow builder, Workflow popups, channel creation, API errors, web hooks, and Slack Connect calls.”

Slack’s first report on the issue appeared at 5:49 AM ET, and at 10:57 AM ET the status page added a new message (embedded below) indicating that the team had identified the issue and was working on it, but there’s still no time Expected to arrive when things are back to normal.

While we have identified the issue causing the disruption, our team continues to work on a solution. We will share another update when we have more detailed information. We appreciate your patience with us.

yesterday, A glitch in Google Cloud pulled Spotify and Discord for a while, but it’s not clear what might have caused Slack to disconnect today. Anyway, if your boss texts you and you forget to reply, just throw this leak – right now, you have a verifiable excuse for missing a notice or two.

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Update March 9 11:17AM ET: More recent information about Slack outage has been added.