April 19, 2024

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Some people see the world at higher frame rates

Some people see the world at higher frame rates

a New search Research from Trinity College Dublin reveals that some lucky people see the world at higher frame rates than the rest, with researchers believing they may be favored in areas such as competitive gaming and many sports. Basically, these people have the ability to create more images per second in their brains.

Because we only have access to our own personal experience, we expect everyone else to see the world the way we do. Examples such as color blindness show that this is not always true, but there are many lesser-known ways in which our perception can differ. This study focuses on one of these differences. In the “frame rate” of our optical system. Some people can really see the world faster than others.

In the study, 88 volunteers observed LED light through a device. The researchers fired the light at different speeds, checking the number of flashes per second, as well as the frequency at which the volunteer was no longer able to distinguish the flash and simply saw a constant light source.

So they discovered that blinking differed slightly between volunteers. Some can detect flashes at a frequency of up to 60 flashes per second, while others cannot detect flashes even at 35 flashes per second.

We do not yet know whether this deviation affects our daily lives. But we believe that individual differences in light perception become evident in high-speed situations where one must locate or track fast-moving objects, such as ball sports, or in situations where visual scenes change rapidly, such as competitive games.

The researchers now want to test whether this vision advantage could have any effect on people's athletic performance or their reactions to games.

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The research was published in One plus.