June 23, 2024

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Someone with access to YouTube linked to massive leaks – YouTube

Someone with access to YouTube linked to massive leaks – YouTube

Leaks related to PlayStation and Nintendo have raised concerns about some Google employees having access to videos that have not yet been released.

A leak surfaced last week of what will be shown as part of PlayStation State of Play Shortly after the event was scheduled to be broadcast via YouTube. The incident has raised concerns about the kind of access Google employees have to various videos before they are officially released, an issue highlighted in recent reporting by Tom Henderson via indoor games, But also his 404 media.

Henderson notes that one such incident was recorded in 2022, when KSI attempted to donate more than $10,000 in Amazon gift cards. But along the way, KSI realized that all the codes had been redeemed even before the video was posted, prompting YouTube to launch an internal investigation. The company reportedly began a similar investigation when a GTA VI trailer was also leaked, but it remains unclear whether the two incidents are related.

All of this points to the ongoing turbulent situation within Google. Monday, 404 media published a report, based on information from within Google, concluding that the person responsible for the 2017 leak on Nintendo’s account was a contractor affiliated with it, who circulated information about… Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Then, a Reddit user shared a photo of the trailer, shortly before its E3 release. The image contains a reference to the URL “admin.youtube.com” in the address bar, indicating that an employee has accessed this version of the video.

Google confirmed that an employee leaked the information, according to an entry in an internal database that caught its attention. 404 media. “A Google employee intentionally leaked Nintendo’s private information,” the list read. “Former TVC [temporary vendor contractor] “I downloaded the video using an administrator account and shared unpublished Nintendo content with a friend.” The listing also reportedly stated that the incident was “unintentional.”

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In his statement to edgeGoogle spokesman Matt Bryant says it reports every incident 404 media “She was examined and stabilized at that time.” However, the company did not want to specify what kind of measures it is taking to prevent its employees from accessing and leaking the material.

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