April 13, 2024

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Special allowance from DYPA of over €700

Special allowance from DYPA of over €700

Double – Special unemployment benefit €718.50 – Who is eligible to apply to DYPA? – Possibility of submitting an electronic request for new items Special assistance for vulnerable groupsWith a value of €718.50 (37.5 daily unemployment allowance) for beneficiaries.

Specifically, beneficiaries of the benefit are unemployed:

Parents of a single-parent family
Women who are victims of sexual and/or domestic violence
Victims of violence – trafficking
Free from addictive substances.

Conditions for granting assistance to the unemployed:

He must be registered in the digital registry for the unemployed (DYPA) in one of the above-mentioned capacities when submitting his application
Have completed 1 to 75 days of insurance in e-EFKA at any time during the last two years before submitting their application (or since the beginning of their sentence, for those released from prison)
To have an income of up to 16,000 euros for individuals, 24,000 euros for couples (an increase of 5,000 euros per child) or 29,000 euros for single-parent families (an increase of 5,000 euros per child after the first child) and, at the same time, not exceed the total gross income from the activity Business family 80,000 euros and
Not to be simultaneously beneficiaries of regular unemployment allowance, long-term unemployment allowance, self-employed and self-employed allowance and special seasonal allowance.

The benefit is granted once every two years.

Applications will be submitted exclusively online through gov.gr using TAXISnet codes.

Specifically, the route is: home/work and insurance/unemployment/special assistance to vulnerable social groups.

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The new special assistance for vulnerable groups replaces the special assistance granted to:

Subsidized unemployed people who have remained unemployed for a month after exhausting their support,
Unsupported unemployed persons who have been unemployed for 3 months during the same calendar year, and
Unsupported unemployed people who worked in companies that have suspended operations or that have exercised the right to suspend employment.