February 20, 2024

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sportdog.dr | Bombshell breakup for a well-known and much-loved couple

sportdog.dr |  Bombshell breakup for a well-known and much-loved couple

They had a very passionate love, but their joint appearances recently have become limited!

Some talk about breakups, others about…the ups and downs in their relationship. The reason is Anastasia Pantosi and Ioannis Papazisi.

A Downtown Magazine report that the two did not meet at a shared house for a time change, as they had arranged, reignited rumors of a “difficult period in their relationship.”

The next period will show whether the curtain will finally fall on this passionate love or whether they will give their relationship a chance.

Talented, humble, with a distinct acting talent and a remarkable streak for her age.

The reason for her Anastasia BandosiShe belongs to the category of heroines of the new generation who do not want the media to occupy their personal lives, but rather with their steps in front of the television camera and on the stage.

And certainly the steps of the brunette actress, who this year got the leading role of Irene in “Shipwreck” for him Megafixed.

Born in Athens, 33 years old Anastasia Bandosi She grew up in Spata, and is originally from Thessaloniki on her father's side, and from Mani, her mother's native country.

Her first appearance on the small screen was with the Cypriot series “Like family”.

This was followed for two seasons from 2017 to 2019 by her participation in the daily comedy Alpha “come to my house”.

But the following year was a turning point for her Manosos Manosakis He chose her for the main role in the historical drama “Red River” Which clearly described the Pontic genocide.

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Ioannis Papazisis

Yes there is “red river” the Anastasia Bandosi He will meet him Ioannis Papazisi.

A couple in a series, who will later become a couple in life. After a long period in which neither of them spoke about their relationship, at the end of 2022 Babazisis He posted their first photo together on his Instagram account.

She is afraid of loneliness, lies, and abandonment, but as she said, her greatest fear is death:

“I have always been worried about death, which is one of my biggest fears. Fortunately, I have not experienced any loss, but through the roles I have somehow listened to the pain, in the sense that I carry and carry the psychological and emotional burden. The two are in.”Shipwreck“And also playing Catherine in 'Suddenly Last Summer'. After the show, I need hours to recover from the stress. I enter every night with deep pain to defend a tragic truth.”

*Published in “Abogematini” newspaper on 1/2/2024

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