October 4, 2023

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Sportdog.gr | The Great Jovanovic, Changed History – PAO of Heroism and Stars

Sportdog.gr |  The Great Jovanovic, Changed History – PAO of Heroism and Stars

The great defense of Al-Afouz and the club’s profits. Both financially and competitively after the huge qualifier against Marseille.

Panathinaikos is back for good and getting bigger again day by day, which they proved with their epic qualification over Marseille. The Greens fielded a squad packed with big stars and multiple budgets, and are now aiming to get back into the Champions League groups.

The Greens earned €5,000,000 tonight and their income will increase even more in the future. We must not forget that the shooting match with Braga is coming in full OCA, hence the big ticket receipts. Then the revenue will go up… if the team goes to champions leagueotherwise it would remain particularly high, because we remember that presence in the groups of Europe league Guaranteed (so it will collect at least 10 million!).

This is a very big justification for Yiannis Ofouzos, who believed in the dream of a European return and dared to raise budgets to very high levels – by the standards of Panathinaikos in recent years. It is no coincidence that immediately after qualifying against Dnipro, Palmer Brown’s transfer was closed, while after the confrontation against Marseille, … a bomb with Araw! If the Greens find themselves in the Champions League groups, will there be a third free transfer?

However, the Greens have strengthened themselves both qualitatively and quantitatively, upping their rosters several levels compared to last year, and they are sending messages. For both their fans, they are aiming for a really good European tournament this year, and for the domestic competition, they want the championship they narrowly lost last year.

Ivan Jovanovic put together an excellent group that, even in its difficult and volatile days, as it was tonight in Marseille where the first half was… tragic, has the strength, faith and psychology to change everything. The Serb has worked hard, built something very solid, managed to get the club back to the level it deserves in two years and is waiting to be vindicated on the pitch. Of course, the first European qualifiers have already written his name in the history of the club.

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