December 3, 2023

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Spraying with a drone to fight the dako on the island of Crete (video)

Spraying with a drone to fight the dako on the island of Crete (video)

Moretti Rania

Spraying with a drone to fight the dako on the island of Crete (video)

Drones and electronic traps will be used during the coming period as part of efforts to address the hole problem in olive cultivation. In laboratories and ongoing trials, it appears that the goal of single use of drugs and herbicides can be combined with lower volumes of application, but also greater pest effectiveness.

  • In battle and electronic traps
  • New research and methods are a powerful weapon against this scourge
  • The goal is effective methods of combating Daku
  • Attention to producers for this year’s olive growing season

Drones fly and They spray tree on tree, depending on the image of the infestation, and electronic traps that will give information about the tree and the olive grove in particular, entering, as everything appears, dynamically into the new reality that is being attempted to be shaped for olive growing and its producers.allied with the scientific and research community, which has studied these viewpoints, seems to argue that this personal concept of wound protection is the key to the future.

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As mentioned At the International Entomology Congress held in Heraklion, the field of research into a new way to deal with weevils and their infestations is closer than ever, as scientists explained that with the new technology of medicines and personal sprays, Where and only where necessary can the goal of reducing the use of drugs and herbicides while increasing efficiency be achieved.

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However, the daqous and its consequences in olive cultivation are among the topics that have greatly occupied young and more experienced scientists who are studying in laboratories how to deal with it, which leaves a positive mark on production and which, as they explained, must not be limited to the goal of quantity only, but also to the goal of quality. .

The developments regarding drones and electronic traps in olive groves, which can be installed either through the responsibility of the state or the producers, come at a time when Crete, for the most part, has to manage one of its worst years in terms of olive production, which seems to be due to… The tax upset producers not only on the basis of the adequacy of meeting sales needs, but also the possibility of meeting their household olive oil needs.

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