July 22, 2024

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Stavrula talks about a fixed match and Giulikas throws lightning at the fighters as well

Stavrula talks about a fixed match and Giulikas throws lightning at the fighters as well

The Red Team intentionally lost the third immunity match in order to weed out the weaker players, with the true “heavyweights” still making it to the league.

Apparently, in the most competitive game of Survivor ever, “resting” players and not entering competitions has become a habit and no terrible punishment has been imposed. Only one penalty kick is taken by the opposing team.

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Gone are the days when it was “unethical” for a player not to play because he is afraid of water, for example (remember the loss to Zoe Asumanaki?). Now, he is not playing with his team's blessing and the ultimate goal is to either stay a little longer in the game or “help” his team lose to go to the vote.

This is what also happened in the Tuesday 9/4 episode, which the audience watched with her Caterina Dalacca By the Reds and Giorgos Goulikas To “rest” in the third immunity match, because they played several games in the previous match. You will tell me too Stavroula by I am mortal From the blue team they did the same thing, but at least in their case there was supposed to be an injury.

“Fixed” race and “weights”

The third immunity match was very important since this week's dueling gender had not been “locked” in the first two chambers, since Aira and Thodoris Torkogeorgos emerged as candidates. Therefore, whichever team wins the third game will have the upper hand as to whether a man or woman goes out this week.

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Did the gang of James, Vaness, and Stavrolas end up in disgrace on Survivor for one reason only?

From what was seen during the match, both the Blue Team women started the match more comfortable, as did the Red Team men. In the end, the Red Team lost, with Stavrula arguing that the Celebrity Team lost intentionally in order for a woman to be voted into the Council, meaning that women would once again participate in the duel.

Indeed, the Red Team in the Council nominated her GiftsAs the next weakest player after that Ira And since Asimena has publicly referred to her teammates as “weights” – without of course taking into account that they fight at least every day.

Somehow, Thodoris Turkogorgos will go to the Union Party with confidence, otherwise goldwho has taken his place and will have to fight for her survival.

All this angered Stavrula, since as I told you above, on the one hand, she or Anastasia would be nominated in the event of defeat of the fighters in the next immunity match, and on the other hand, the ladies of both teams. They are not the ones who are competitively weaker.

The audience on Twitter/X agreed with what Stavrula said, because in addition to the in-groups of the groups, there seemed to be groups between men and women. And of course, as everyone said, if there was a “heavy” woman in the red team, it would probably be Asimena, who hasn't played for two months, and not Ayra and Dora.

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But what is most likely is what he said giorgos goulikas, That is, both teams had the same strategy.

He accuses a group of people of “selling” the match, but when the match started we saw the women in blue doing the same thing. In the first 5-6 curls we saw women coming in and losing. It's a little unfair to our guys when they do exactly the same thing and it doesn't work out for them – because they probably saw that numerically, even if the blue team lost, it wouldn't be right for them to vote out a guy. Essentially, both groups had the same strategy, and only the men had the majority. He said this himself in response to what Stavroula was saying about a fixed match.

The question is who will be the fourth candidate to leave before the union: Stavrola, Anastasia, or Dellaka?