October 4, 2023

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Steal freely and with the seal of the Greek state

Steal freely and with the seal of the Greek state

You retired و And they tell you that you will lose it 30% of your pension because at the age of 60 you are forced to stay in … an active business to supplement your income. You have accumulated debts insurance fund And you are told that you cannot get a pension because of debts (ss already how will you pay off debts if you have no income). You forget to make a statement and the fines are pouring in.

Be careful though. If you forget to announce your parent’s death and continue to collect his pension even for 10 years, nothing will happen. After all, who wants to remember such an unpleasant event as the loss of your own person? Put your pension in the bank just to remember… well.

And for those who did not understand – it is logical that the news “broke out” within four days of August 15th – here it is, the “news”: supreme court He was sentenced to death as he continued to collect the pension for 161 months after his death (March 1999 to April 2014). The amount achieved was 64,660 euros.

What did the Areos Bagus do? While the 5-member Criminal Court of Appeal sentenced the forgetful son to 4 years in prison, the Supreme Court overturned the decision and dropped the criminal case.

Before anyone rushes into… justice, let’s remember the obvious: Judges rule and decide based on the law. This is where the story gets more interesting. The legislator in 2019 – the Syriza government by changing the Criminal Code – made sure to turn fraud from a felony into a misdemeanor.

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Be careful though. If you want to take advantage of the new criminal law and get her off a misdemeanor, make sure the fraud does not exceed €120,000. You will eat a refundable fine (up to three euros per day) and as far as debts are concerned, yes the government will look for them, but whatever they want they will also be included in the basket of overdue debts to the government. What 170 billion? Euros, what 170 billion euros and a few tens of thousands of euros more.

There could be no greater challenge to the public’s sense of justice than this. And no one rushes to justify themselves by saying that the case has now been resolved … Pierrakakis and his company (sp death certificate sp) are now automatically transferred, so it is difficult to extend pension payments for a long period of time. Death’s son is not the problem.

It is that the law-abiding citizen of this country eats hand after hand. From a businessman with a parachute and from a professional who doesn’t know what evidence he means to a sworn government official. In kindergarten, we teach our children that every action has its consequences. Is impunity a consequence? With these legal weapons, shall we begin the fierce struggle against tax evasion?