April 13, 2024

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Stocks that promise big profits (VID)

Stocks that promise big profits (VID)

the Jim Cramer He’s heard a lot of comments about their choices and his expectations. This time he deals with March tech giantsEmphasizing to investors the need to continue betting on these stocks, which he described as “Seven greats» (For example, the classic western spaghetti dish that was based on “7 samuraiby Kurosawa), even if this step seems tedious.

Kramer’s picks, according to CNBCAnd He argues that they will come out profitable despite the shocks and volatility in the markets this year.

His top picks and the upsides they scored are as follows: apple (up 37%), Microsoft (38%), nvidia (159%), Amazon (44%), meta (120%), Tesla (66%) and the alphabet (39%).

“What other solution do we have? Should we go against all seven cowboys in the markets?” Cramer joked.

The analyst stressed that the success of these companies was not a coincidence. He noted the continued satisfaction of consumers appleits development Microsoft Despite the “stunning” tech market and successful bets on Meta and Nvidia on artificial intelligence.

Alphabet has also entered the IT “game”, while Tesla continues to sell high-quality cars at relatively low prices around the world.

You want to own his traditional “inheritance” shares. daw Or do you want to be on the winning team, the Magnificent Seven? Just like in the movie, your best bet is Rely on professionals And not for cowardly peasants.

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