July 20, 2024

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“Stop the electricity, empower the Chinese”

“Stop the electricity, empower the Chinese”

Trump wants to curb the rapid transition to electricity, saying it is “crazy to help the Chinese.”

previous president Donald Trump I criticized her harshly Biden administration efforts to promote electric vehicles And expanding the public charging network in the country.

In a recent post on social media, Trump card He expressed his concerns About the impact of this transformation Which mainly relates to the state of Michigan, an important state that forms the basis of the American automobile industry

the Trump card He said that if President Joe Biden’s plans for “all electric vehicles” are implemented, Michigan’s auto industry will be completely wiped out and taken over by China.

He urged auto workers to support him, He promised to preserve existing jobs And create more opportunities.

The Biden administration has made significant investments and implemented legislative changes To encourage the adoption of electric cars, Which led to significant investments in battery factories and facilities in the United States.

big companies, Such as LG Chem, Tesla, GM, and Ford, It announced major investments in the field of electric cars.

In addition to criticizing President Biden, Trump card He also criticized UAW President Sean Fein for his support of electric cars, saying he approves of all-electric vehicles This will result in their production being outsourced to China And in destroying the American automobile industry.

His criticisms Trump card Biden’s policy on electric cars is not new, He also previously described it as harmful to Michigan and the American worker; Pointing to concerns about environmental extremism and its effects on the economy.

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