May 28, 2024

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Strike on September 21: ADEDY against Labor Bill

Strike on September 21: ADEDY against Labor Bill

Executive Committee of ADEDY.

“We demand his recall and call upon workers to participate in rallies across the country on the same day.

A.D.E.T.Y. Calling for a protest rally at Klathmonos Square at 10.30am.

Everyone in the race! All on strike!” ADEDY says in its announcement.

Strike Declaration by EKA

Earlier today, the Labor Center of Athens decided to participate in a 24-hour strike after an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors.

He said in his statement that he is calling for a union strike demanding his withdrawal Gathering at Syntagma Square at 11 am.

POEDIN and PAME on strike

Yesterday, unions and social organizations protested the new labor bill, and the day after tomorrow, Thursday, September 21, the Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Public Hospitals (POEDIN) and PAME announced a nationwide 24-hour strike.

In particular, by the decision of the general committee, POEDIN announces a 24-hour nationwide strike, inter alia – in its declaration: “The bill establishes rules abolishing the 8-hour, five-day work and criminalizing trade union activities. . In order to “live” with dignity, a worker has to work according to his working hours. Wages should be paid, and multiple or single employers are not forced to work day and night without rest. Even today, employers and the public do not respect legal labor rights and exploit workers with low wages with dozens of days of vacation and ordinary holidays pending. Making labor relations more resilient. How much more after the passage of such a bill”

PAME has called for a general strike on September 21 in every city in the country to prevent the passage of the Labor Ministry’s “Animal Cruelty Bill”.

Marines are also on strike

On Thursday, September 21, seafarers will participate in a strike mobilization as the government promotes the Labor Bill.

According to a statement released today by the Panhellenic Union of Merchant Marines (PENEN), the new bill “eliminates gaps in the 13-hour work day, 78-hour work week, breaks them down with continuous benefits, strengthens flexibility. Creates employment, and the 8-hour shift in large industries such as the food and beverage industry.” , which further undermines 5-day, Sunday holidays, enacts minimum work, zero-hours contracts and bespoke work.

Members of PENEN will gather at the offices of the Piraeus Labor Center in Karaiskaki Square on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. and then they will participate in a protest march.

Apart from PENEN, Panhellenic Union of Merchant Marine Engineers, Panhellenic Union of Junior Engine Crews EN will participate in the strike march. “STEFENSON” and the Panhellenic Professional Union of Chefs EN

Where will the meetings take place?

in Athens

– The EKA strike rally will be held on Thursday, September 21 at 10.30 am. At Syntagma Square.

– A.D.E.T.Y. Calling for a protest rally at Klathmonos Square at 10.30am

In Thessaloniki, at 10.30 am. At the statue of Venizelos.

At Patras, at 10.30 am. Outside the offices of the Labor Center (Kolokotroni 20).

At Alivery, 10 am. On the statue of Lignitorikos. In Veria, 10.30am, Town Hall Square. In Ioannina, at 10.30 am. At the Labor Center.

In Heraklion, Crete, at 10 am in pl. Independence.

In Istiaya, at 11 am. In the main square.

At Mandudi, at 10.30 am. in the square.

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At Nousa, at 10.30 am. In the main square.

At Salgita, at 10.30 am. At the Labor Center.

In Sania, at 10 am. in pl. Municipal market.