May 28, 2024

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Student Elections: Primary for all Universities

Student Elections: Primary for all Universities

Without impressive changes, but with an increase in participation, this year Student electionAs polling closed at 19.00 on Wednesday afternoon, the factions were arguing over the results.

According to the results so far, Universitat K.S 35.58% lead against his 23.66%. DAP-NTFK.

However, DAP, in its announcement, denies the decision citing PKS’ falsification.

DAP-NTFK concludes in its statement that it “will not recognize any association that does not meet the minimum standards of legitimacy and transparency”.

Detailed DAP notification

«With 89 votes counted, DAP-NDFK is very close to its 36th consecutive victory. In particular, with the data so far, our section receives a percentage of 48.1% compared to 28.56% Panspudastica and 4.15% PASP. Syriza’s faction, Bloco, is moving very little at a rate of no more than 2%.

However, Panspudastika continues to practice forgery and fraud. Specifically:

The university has changed the number of clubs it recognizes twice in the past hour. It would be funny if it wasn’t an insult to democracy and students’ intelligence.

Bansbudastskyi insists on recognizing the ballot box – an illusion he himself set up at the International University of Greece in Thessaloniki a week ago – and no one entered it. Why did he do it? Because he saw today’s attendance coming, one of DAP-NDFK’s biggest wins.

At Bhairav ​​University they cook and count the votes themselves to shame even Stalin. Are they afraid of anything other than the will of the students?

DAP-NTFK will not recognize any club that does not meet the minimum standards of legitimacy and transparency. Not that Kusumba’s mouthpieces are unashamed of imposing a fascist vision on the student body.

The results will be published in real time by the Students’ Union on the website once published by the local KEFE. DAP-NTFK will recognize all the results obtained from the democratic process of Law Students Associations.»

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PSK, on ​​the other hand, claims that the results announced by the election commissions signed by all parties are out.