May 30, 2023

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Suicide on Magnesia: “She consciously chose how to quit,” says her sister

The 18-year-old left four notes explaining the reasons for her actions

An 18-year-old girl who ended her life in Kanalia Magnesia is shocking.

The 18-year-old left four notes explaining the reasons for her actions.

One to her mother, the second to her sister, the third to her young partner and finally, the general content, in which she explained the reasons for ending her life.

The teenager had been partying with her friends the night before and celebrated her best friend’s birthday in the village square. When she was found hanging hours later there was no sign of what would happen.

Her close friend drove her to her home as she was not answering her phone calls. Then, seeing the dead body of the 18-year-old boy hanging, he shouted. Immediately, he informed the dead woman’s boyfriend, who rushed to the scene in shock.

I hope she left as wholeheartedly as possible

In a shocking post, his sister recounted the shocking incident.

“Our child is not at home now. It is unimaginable and natural at the same time. “I’m laughing and crying at the same time,” he told me recently. Ever since she began to understand herself, she wanted the results of her life to be her own. We accepted it and were proud of its potential. We still feel proud of her. He consciously chose how to make a big exit.

Didn’t ask how or why. The burden she was carrying was more than her share. I feel so grateful that he made it this far, that he made it. I hope she left as wholeheartedly as possible. Love, laughter, hugs, friends, love, kisses. I know, of course, it’s not perfect. He had many plans and dreams, needs, desires. However, her need for redemption was greater than anything else. We don’t want an amen and a candle. No regrets. She is not poor. She is a revolutionary. It’s still there. A combination of “sensitivity and dignity”. A very cute little boy. With this…

“No matter how many prisons they build, if the rope shrinks, our mind is always a wanderer who escapes.”

My baby, I love you so much…”

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