July 23, 2024

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Survivor All Star – Evridiki Papadopoulou: The hidden reality couple revealed

Survivor All Star – Evridiki Papadopoulou: The hidden reality couple revealed

Yurideki Papadopoulo on the occasion of Stavrola and Melina’s match, said the Survivor All Star duo

the Urideke Papadopoulo Revealed the secret couple Survivor All Star. his former player A survival reality show who left a few weeks ago, revealed it on Open Weekend Konstantinos Vassalos And Stavrola Cressidi They are the surviving secret couple.

“I can’t rule out the possibility that these two are really flirting and… Constantine is a nice guy, so why not? They’re both free as far as I know. From what I’ve heard this is the secret couple they’re rumored to be on Survivor.” male the Urideke Papadopoulo.

the Konstantinos Vassalos I messed with him Takis Karagounias For what he said, he changes women like shirts. “How does Takis know what I’m doing with my personal life? And he knew, totally inelegant. Totally out of the game.” said the Konstantinos Vassalos.

popular player A survival reality show He pointed to each of his teammates. “I don’t understand why they have to fight about who sleeps next to me. It’s like I’m kelepuri here and I have honey. I did not understand it. I don’t know what to do. Should I hide? Should I isolate myself? So these two kids will be fine.”

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